Ways to Lift Your Spirits When Life Seems Tough


Are you, too, going through a rough road? Slippery? Bumpy? Never ending tunnels with flickering lights? Well, we all are on the same journey called life. Paths can be different and so can be the approach. It’s important to understand that the so-called bad time is not because you didn’t try harder or you’re not the chosen one; it’s a phase which we, as souls, agreed to go through for a larger reason. In our human costume, we are unable to see the bigger picture. That’s how it is intended to be.

It’s usual that at such times we feel out of our positivity potion. “Why me?” is the typical question. Sitting alone in a corner on the rocking chair or displaced anger is the common occurrence.  Can we do something else? We can surely channelize our energies to manoeuvre situations instead of getting sunk into whirlpool of negativity.

1. Postpone worry for this task.

Numerous studies have shown that the right music is a stress buster. Put on headphones, close your eyes and imagine yourself to be in your favourite place.

If you are not sure what songs would work, listen to the chants of Om Mani Padme Hum before you go to sleep. There are many versions available; choose the one which strike chord with your heart. This magic mantra will make your mind calmer and it will fill you with positivity and confidence.

Go for a long walk on the beach or amongst the trees. Walk slowly and mindfully–being aware of each particle around you. The serenity and the energies of nature assist us to evolve to a higher state of consciousness.

2. Mindfulness within.

Observe your emotions- grief, pain, anger, frustration, fear? Write them on a paper. Rate each emotion on a scale of ten. Fold the paper, keep aside.

Now, focus on your breath. Try inhaling as deep as you can to a count of four. Feel the coolness spreading in your body and then hold it for three seconds. Exhale slowly with count of six. Do it for at least ten minutes. Keep focusing on the counts. It is amazing how your mind gets fully engaged in the process. Even if it wanders a bit, gently bring it back. This process will make your mind clear from the clutter of negative thoughts.

Take another paper. Pen down what you are feeling after this exercise with ratings. Compare both the lists. You will see lesser intensity of adverse feelings. You might even have added some positive ones.

By focusing on your breaths, you were being mindful of your body. Your mind was solely taking attention of the counts. You can take much better decisions for the problem ahead of you when your mind is calm and composed. And this exercise just did that to you.

3. It’s a part of the plan.

We all have come here to experience all the highs and lows of all the emotions. Job loss, losing loved ones, illness, separation, crisis–all can be the doorways to something much greater than you have ever imagined. It might appear a loss but you gain at a soul level. Tough times are meant to make us a better and mature person.  It is surely fun to sun soak yourself on a beach but for how long can you do that? Won’t you want to go on an adventurous trekking someday? The difference with life is, it doesn’t ask for your schedule. It just gives you the adventure. Your backpack should include patience, determination, faith and confidence. And you will make the most of this expedition.

4. Believe in miracles.

Low is a part of the roller-coaster ride; it will eventually come up. Blocks are planted to re-route you, to save you from stumbling on something bigger. You have solved problems before too, you will continue doing it in future too. Align your positive energy with the energy of cosmos by trusting in both. Universe has a greater plan for you. Let it unfold. Till then, enjoy the present moment. Focus on the good things in life and let go. That’s the time when you will get your miracle. Miracle may not be a genie granting you three wishes but it will surely be a way to make you cross the bridge of what we call a low time.

Happy Life to you!


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Swati Singh

Swati is a writer with eminent spiritual magazines -Science of Mind, New York Spirit, PranaWorld and MindBodyGreen. A nature-lover and soul-searcher, she loves to sprinkle happy-dust on people. Find her on swati2610.wordpress.com, @swati2610 and fb.com/beyond2610.

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