Season of Giving and Helping


I was inspired by the very last scene of a movie called It is a Wonderful Life. The last scene was about a young man named George who thought that life would have been better if he was not born. That was not the case, life was worse. His guardian angel made him realize the people that he helped was not living a good life. There are a few examples that was shown by his guardian angel to help George realize that life is not better without him.

  1.  George’s uncle loan company went out of business and ended up living in a mental institute. If George was there his business expertise would be needed for his uncle’s loan business to succeed. Once his uncle’s business have succeed, customers would have receive loans for a low price which help their customers buy a house instead of renting one.
  2. George wife never got married. She became an old maiden.
  3. Harry Bailey died from falling into ice cold water because george was not there to rescue him. Since George was not there Harry never got the chance to get that medal of honor.

Base on these examples, the angel shown prove that George really did have people who enjoy having him around like his wife and kids and people that he helped.

The moral of this movie wonderful life remind us to appreciate the little things in life. For Example, roof over our heads, family, food, money, and knowing there is always  people who is willing to give hand when you are in need.  The reason for that because you were there when they needed a pick me up or money to pay the bills. This is what the  christmas season is all about giving to the people that is in need of food, toys, coats, etc.

During this christmas season volunteer your time out of your busy schedule and volunteer at a soup kitchen. While buying toys for your daughter, son, nieces, and nephew also buy toys for  kids who parents can not afford to buy them toys for christmas.  They deserve to have gifts to open on christmas day.  To let the kids know that santa did not forget about them. Give the kids something to believe. Believing in santa.  When walking or driving to your next destination and you see a homeless person begging on the street give him some money. If  you do not have money but have a sandwhich, give the sandwhich.

Sidenote:  If you not really sure where to donate toys  you can search for a woman and children shelter. Another way  is  donating toys to a charity called toys for tots.  Either way santa’s little helpers will find a way to get the toys  to the kids in need just in time for christmas day.

Remeber to give this christmas season. Santa would need all the help he can get since it is his busiest time of year. So lend a hand and have a Merry Merry Christmas.





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