Peace for all


No eye for an eye, no tooth for a tooth. Violence is not the answer. We should use our voices to be heard not our fist or our guns. Violence just causes more violence. We should not be angry or show hatred to the ones that do us wrong.

Once you show anger and hatred the devil laughs at us. That is what the devil want. He wants us to start a war.

So remember anger and hatred are not the way. Peace is the way. Go out there and vote and make your opinion count. Raise your voice to tell people, tell the world all lives matter. Not just Asians,blacks,whites or Hispanics but all. This is not a racism matter. This is bigger than racism. It is a justice matter that needs to be resolved with peace.

 Once again, please don’t use violence, don’t hate. Hate is the enemy. Embrace the love, embrace the peace.

                  Let there be peace!


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