Kintsukuroi- Our Golden Scars


Kintsukuroi is the traditional Japanese art of mending broken ceramics with gold or silver lacquer and conforming to the beautiful belief that the object becomes more precious after being broken. The golden cracks signify that the imperfections are valued and respected.

Isn’t this philosophy deeply rooted with human existence? In midst of our nonchalant life, an avalanche will come and tear us apart. Storms can come in various shapes and sizes–loss of dear ones, long illnesses, dying relationships, financial adversities, misunderstandings, depressions, and what not. Life, to us, looks like an unfair story which should have been a fairy tale.

We stumble, we err, we wobble, we fall, and we break.

Eventually the storm gets silent. So do we! We start healing with the lessons the event gave us, which are as precious as gold. And the cracks remain visible in the form of memories; they remind us the days we tackled and the lessons we got.

If these ceramics cracks were mended with the same clay as used before, would it have the same significance? Likewise, if life incidents have a repeating pattern in our life, it simply means that we are just covering it up with the same clay of ignorance and unawareness.  Since no lessons are being taken, it will crack recurrently till we repair it with golden lacquer of lessons. In due course, these lessons will become the foundation of our strong persona. When the storm hits the next time in some other form, we will be much more powerful to face it.  And when we finally come out of it, we won’t be the same as we were before. The cracks in our space illuminates with the light of wisdom we gained in this process. These are those golden streaks which make us wiser, matured, precious, and most significantly, aware!

At one point in my life, I was constantly facing betrayals, not realizing that I am attracting series of such episodes because I am not ready to learn from one. And when I got stirred and shaken up, it was unbelievable.   Damn! What was I thinking!? Yes! You say that to yourself many times before you accept that you were actually blindfolded by obliviousness. My lesson was to learn that trust and compassion are precious possessions; decide cautiously where they must be shared. Not shrinking any faith in humanity, but asking you to love yourself first. When you are fair to yourself, your soul, only then you can be righteous to others.

To heal, we don’t necessarily require a setback in our life, although we often wait for one. On a spiritual journey, it is necessary to mend ourselves even when no experience asks us to.  Gather all the untangled pieces of negativity in your mind and sew them with the gold silk thread of awareness and execution. Hatred can stem from your superego. Jealousy can be the result of low self-esteem. Likewise, every negative emotion has to be carefully observed and pushed out of our system. Since we hardly ever do that, we keep getting the ominous circumstances to help clean this negative energy we are sowing inside us.

Lessons are many but ultimately they lead to one destination! You will be broken millions of times in all your lifetimes here on this planet. Every time a new golden streak will replace the old clay. And eventually one day, the whole vessel will turn into gold. That dazzling energy will radiate from your soul and will merge with the Source. That will be the end of your lessons; lifetimes. Nirvana. Moksha.

I see that golden streak every day inside me. Sometimes, it sparkles with the joy of learning that lesson. Bliss it is!





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