September’s Astrological Forecast: Ready to Be Productive


As September comes in we leave the eclipse season. We are officially in Virgo season as the Sun goes through the sign of Virgo. Saturn has recently gone direct, so even though Mercury is still retrograde, we have a feeling that karmically things are moving forward. Mercury is retrograding over the eclipse point early in the month to remind us of what areas in our life we want to change. Venus has also recently entered Leo, and when she is ready to enter Virgo on September 19th, she will also go over the eclipse point. So be aware of what areas in your life light up as we go through September. On September 5th, Mars enters Virgo and Mercury goes direct. Once Mercury is direct, our communication with each other becomes clearer. With Mars in Virgo anxious and willing to work, we are more than ready to be productive. Mars likes being in a hardworking sign like Virgo, so we will be able to move forward with whatever we want to do.

The next day on September 6th we have a Full Moon in Pisces. The Moon will be conjunct Neptune, so this Moon will be extremely dreamy and powerful. The Full Moon wants us to reach for our dreams. But with an inconjunct aspect to Venus, we have to adjust what we want a little bit. Maybe we want too much. Maybe there’s a different way to go about things. There’s a Grand Trine in Fire in the sky, so we will want to take action. Use candles to do a Full Moon ritual to manifest what you want to create.

On September 9th, Mercury enters Virgo. Mercury functions much better in Virgo than Leo. So this is good for following up on things left unsettled early in the month. Maybe now is a better time to talk to your boss than the week before. On September 19th, Venus enters Virgo. She doesn’t like being in Virgo so much, all this work is not her thing! However, all this Virgo energy in the sky is great for cleaning. It’s also a good time to save money.

On September 20th, we have the New Moon in Virgo. Venus, Mars, Mercury, Sun, and Moon are all in Virgo. Jupiter is coming close to an opposition with Uranus, as Saturn trine Uranus in the sky. Whatever you are trying to manifest, you are going to have to work for it. But the opportunity will be there.  And on September 22nd, the Sun enters Libra and we are officially out of Summer and in Fall season. The Equinox is not to be overshadowed by the eclipses or other events early this month. It is a joyful holiday as we celebrate the day being equal in daylight time as there is night time. Days begin to get shorter. Winter is approaching.


See you next month…


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