March Astrological Forecast: No Longer in the Dark


The beginning of March marks the end of the eclipse season. Slowly things start to return to a natural order. We are no longer in the dark. Some things become clearer as the eclipse season ends. We also begin the month with a Full Moon in Virgo on March 1st. The Moon will be at 11 degrees Virgo, opposing the Sun in Pisces conjunct Neptune. Neptune puts a fog around things. We may feel invisible. Some things get hidden with this energy.  As Full Moons generally bring things to light, this Full Moon might bright to light what our emotional body needs for ourselves. It’s a time for comfort food and long hot baths. It also is an opportunity to be creative and pursue artistic endeavors. Mars will be semi-sextile to Pluto, asking us to come into our own power and create a reality that we desire.

The Sun is in Pisces until the 20th, along with Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Chiron that are all in Pisces for the beginning of the month. Also Jupiter is in Scorpio. That’s a lot of water in the sky. It’s a very emotional season, as we allow our feelings to show us what we really want. Mercury and Venus enter Aires on March 6th, so that fire energy will ignite our passions and will allow us to focus on ourselves.  Mercury in Aires loves to think about itself, and Venus in Aires makes us hunt down what we want. If you want it, get out there and get it. Jupiter goes retrograde on March 8th, which allows us to examine where in our lives we get lucky. Jupiter in Scorpio has a lot to do with personal transformation, so the retrograde will help us examine the areas in our lives in which we shine.

On March 17th, we have a New Moon at 26 Pisces.  Chiron is conjunct the New Moon, allowing us to heal ourselves from any old wounds we may have lingering. Mars is square to Chiron, so the wounds can be physical. It’s also Mars in a Fire sign, so action will be required. Take the necessary steps to rejuvenate. Jupiter is trine to the New Moon, so luck will be on your side. Things will generally be running smoothly. Also on March 17th, Mars enters Capricorn. Mars loves the sign of Capricorn. It’s where he is most productive. It’s an excellent time to start out a new work out regime.  Any projects you may be working on will be taking off during this time. Mars in Capricorn is very diligent and responsible.

On March 20th, the Sun enters Aires and welcomes the Spring Equinox. On the ingress, Venus and Mercury will be conjunct in Aires. We will be thinking about ourselves and what we want. The end of winter means the start of new life. Flowers begin to grow and the weather gets warmer. Uranus is also in the last degrees of Aires before he enters Taurus, wrapping up his Aires journey. He goes from Fire to Earth, allowing us to be more grounded in reality. He enters Taurus in May, so these next few months we will find ourselves with the urge to break free in many ways. It’s the last hurrah of Uranus in Aires for a while.

Mercury goes retrograde. Mercury in Aires is a fast-paced placement, so watch for miscommunication issues during the retrograde. Speak slowly. It’s a great time to reread a book rather quickly. Mercury in Aires can sometimes be selfish, so use the energy to focus on yourself and what you need.  And on March 31st, Venus enters Taurus and we have a Full Moon in Libra. Venus loves being in Taurus, as its one of her favorite signs to be in. It’s a great time to get a makeover or a haircut.  Venus in Taurus also rules the Full Moon in Libra. Mars will be close to Saturn for this Full Moon, allowing us to be able to see our path and what we need to do.  Do a Full Moon ritual about what you want to call into your life. Allow the space for what you want to come in.


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