Are You Your Mother’s Daughter?


Your strength lies in your true heredity…


Are you a fluid, free, fully functioning female?


Are you a wandering, wonderful, wistful woman?


Are you a lavish, livid, lascivious lady?


Are you a blazing, blossoming, bombshell beauty?


Yup, you betcha!


You’re a miraculous, powerful, infinite source of energy with the intelligence to exact eternal sustenance.  Your primal model and innate identity as a woman has existed long before humanity and will continue far beyond.  She is the woman all women emanate from and whose powers are imbued within each and every one of us.  She’s Mother Nature!  And she’s our incredible example of indulgent existence!


Our mother demonstrates the limitlessness of feminine qualities:


She shows us the fluidity of our stream of consciousness;


the burning light of potential in each new day;


the darkness that envelopes our soul and provides us rest each night;


the ferocity of gales when we must be heard;


the glory of color, texture, exposure and landscape when we must be appreciated;


the cloudy dimness when we require solace;


the lapping, lustful and expansive oceans that depict our soothing prowess combined with the power to devastate, redirect or instill fear when desired;


the fiery volcanic eruptions that elicit recognition of the inner power that is ever-present just below the surface;


the height of our creative capacity;


the softness to nurture;


the all-encompassing breadth of our ability to love and be loved;


the spiritual connection to every living entity;


the challenges we are able to meet;


the grace of God to be as we must;


all wrapped up in an appealing exterior.


Our mother is cool.  She is cold.  She is warm and she is hot.  She is bold, beautiful, grounding and free.  She is all and she is everything.  She controls and loses control.  She is every woman and she is her own.


I am my mother’s daughter.  She is my inspiring instructor.  My mother is always there.  She is protective, directive, punishing, forgiving and loving.  This is the example I am infused with.  This is the example all women are infused with.


The next time you feel a storm brewing within your soul, thank your mother for the strength she has imparted and allow the storm to surge and clear away the emotional clutter that bars you from access to the free and fully functioning female you are intended to be; the wandering, wonderful, wistful woman; the lavish, livid, lascivious lady; and the blazing, blossoming, bombshell beauty you are.



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