Metatronic Healing


Vital radical healing, helping you move on from old stories and recalibrate your body and your life Recently I spoke to Philippa Merivale who, prompted by powerful divine instruction, has been empowered to make life-changing Attunements and Transmissions available through courses in Metatronic Healing®. “Take the story out of the body energetically.” When I heard this line a while ago, it stopped me in my tracks. That’s brilliant, I thought, it’s inspired! As a long-time energy healer myself, I was highly intrigued by a modality offering such a clear, deep, and permanent technique. I investigated and found that ‘inspired’ was…

The Heart Can Bear It All


As humans we are trained to lie. Lying is a major part of survival. To be willing to tell the truth is to risk losing everything. When you have made a choice to be committed to the truth, then the truth is a ruthless master. That commitment will expose every aspect of hiding and every justification of that hiding. In the commitment to the discovery of the complete truth, there has to be a ruthless examination as to where we lie. What has to be faced is what you think the truth of yourself is, and how you have lied…

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