Trish O’Sullivan


Trish O’Sullivan

TRAYA is a holistic therapy combining new techniques for working with the chakra system, traditional therapy and Buddhist Taoist and Yoga psychology. This inner directed process clears the mind of accumulated samskaras (memory imprints) contributing to what Eckhart Tolle terms the “Pain Body.” It is a particularly rewarding experience for both clients and therapists to work directly with the mind-body connection and to achieve results beyond what can be expected in traditional psychotherapy. TRAYA is graceful and gentle and can be thought of as nature’s mind-healing mechanism. It is effective with all types of issues – connecting to self and others; work and relationship issues, finding direction in life and disorders such as addictions, anxiety, and depression. Medicare and out-of-network insurances accepted.

Trish O’Sullivan, LCSW
Offices both Upper Westside and Union Square area.

I am no longer binge drinking, no more blackouts and waking up the next day with that terrible feeling of not knowing what happened. GC

Love and presence are over and over replacing feelings of tightness, deprivation, and weakness.  SFL

I was afraid to jump into life, afraid that the baggage of the past would sink me and now I can’t get enough of life.  P.B.

I am more affirming of life; I feel more interesting, engaged, appreciative.  I am enjoying contacts with people and I am not engaging in retail therapy.  R.S.

Traya Training program for psychotherapists and yoga therapists in the use of Traya techniques see


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