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Carolyn Goldfarb Licensed Soul Therapist & Past Life Regressionist

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My focus for you is on creating your joyful and abundant life.

Soul Therapy provides you with the most powerful, honest, compassionate and loving approach to understanding who you are, why you are the way you are, and what stops you. It helps you move through where you are stuck within in your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies and align them with your soul and its purpose.

During a Soul Therapist session you will understand how to alter the behaviors, beliefs and perceptions that keep you stuck in a loophole of repeating conditioned patterns which have been passed on via your parents, society, religion, culture, government and schools.

I am here to serve women who are desire:

Joy and happiness in their lives

To be free of what is holding them back from being who they are meant to be.

To reduce and eliminate anxiety, depression, sadness, feelings of being stuck, dis-empowered, hopeless, disconnected from others, and misunderstood.

More from life – a full and rewarding life.

To feel whole and present in their bodies and their lives.

I also work with women who are fighting cancer or have overcome and beat cancer:

To keep their lives intact.

To support their individuality without losing their identity in the disease of cancer.

Assist in putting the cancer experience in the past while helping them to move on with their lives.

I assist women to find their authentic self, and get unstuck.

A Soul Therapist presents you with a platform of understanding exactly how you got to where you are, and equips you with the knowledge and wisdom to get you where your soul desires to be. Each week you will uncover with me, key qualities that open you up to an authentic awakening. Release old patterns; become aware of what has been sabotaging your desires to create a healthy life.

This is not life coaching, this is Soul Therapy; an evolutionary conscious expansion on how to be living fully human in your body, mind, spirit and emotions — guided by your soul wisdom.

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Carolyn Goldfarb

Licensed Soul Therapist & Certified Past Life Regressionist

Union Square, Financial District, & Rye, NY Locations

Sessions can be held via Skype or Google Hangout





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