Join Mission Be this Summer for our

Five Day Immersive 

Mindful Educator Training Retreats


at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York.

July 9-14th, 2017

Become immersed in the peace of the mountains while you learn

a beautiful series of mindfulness practices for yourself and your students.

Join Mission Be this July for a beautiful five day immersive experience. Learn how to create a mindful classroom for your students, while resting, rejuvenating and connect with yourself and other like-minded educators and parents.

Personal practice will be included yoga classes, movement, mindful eating, walking and self-care. You will learn a beautiful 12 week course to bring to your students and a daily practices for yourself and your classroom or children.

Come away and become inspired to teach and learn.

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Tiered pricing available.

Mission Be
helps children thrive through mindfulness. Mission Be provides mindfulness-based social emotional learning to help children thrive academically and beyond. We offer our programs directly in schools and we train educators to bring mindfulness practices to their classrooms. Our programs are rooted in neuroscience and designed to create positive learning environments, decrease student stress, increase student focus, decrease violence and bullying while creating a school-wide culture of compassion and kindness. Mission Be has impacted over 30,000 kids in the past three years by teaching children mindfulness, social and emotional learning, compassion and stress-reduction. To learn more see our video

•  Many children are under chronic academic, social and emotional pressure. 45% of US teens report being stressed by school pressures (APA 2009); chronic exposure to stress and socioeconomic adversity negatively impact areas of the brain associated with language, executive control, and other cognitive and behavioral functions

•  Every year 4 million children are diagnosed with ADHD and half of them are prescribed and take medication into adulthood.

•  One in eight children are affected by anxiety disorders.

•  By age 12, one in four children are bullied at school.

•  50% of teen suicides are related to bullying that happens online and offline

•  Stress is also a significant issue for teachers with 51% of teachers reporting that they feel like they are under great stress several days per week (Metlife, 2013). Teacher job satisfaction has also plummeted to its lowest level in 25 years, at 39 percent in 2012. Chronic stress in teachers can lead to burnout, which in turn can lead to increased teacher absenteeism, reduced retention levels and diminished capacity to engage and effectively teach students

Mindfulness gives children the skill set to manage decision-making and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

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How Mission Be’s Programs Help

•  92% of teachers reported an increase in empathy among students

•  82% reported a reduction in high-risk behavior

•  85% reported an improvement in student decision-making

• 100% of teachers reported that Mission Be is an effective character education program.

•  We help create environments that foster greater learning. Optimal learning takes place in a state of relaxed alertness with a low threat environment and high intrinsic challenge. By teaching students to be self-aware, to self-regulate and to empathize with others our programs help create safer and more nurturing classroom climates and improve student motivation and performance.

•  Mission Be’s school programs educate the whole child, ensuring their physical and emotional well-being, support and safety. We provide children with tools to become fully engaged, confident and focused in social and academic situations.

•  Our mindfulness programs are aligned with anti-bullying legislation and emphasize empathy, compassionate action, tolerance, character, dignity and citizenship.

•  Our programs additionally help improve teacher well-being and performance. Teachers that teach our program in schools not only are better equipped to manage their own stress levels but also improve student outcomes by improving student sense of belong in the classroom, student motivation to learn, and student engagement in learning.

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