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If you’ve read my other articles here on NY Spirit (How To Use Tarot For Growth And Self-Awareness, and TAROT: 3 Reasons Why The Future Isn’t The Place To Be Looking), you’ll know I’m the “tarot-is-not-just-divination” woman.

Strength from The Röhrig Tarot deck by Carl-W. Röhrig © US Games, Inc. Photograph: author’s own

But, aside from using tarot for in-the-moment reflection, did you know you can also couple it with your birth data to give you an insight about your dominant life themes and personality-based characteristics, i.e. who and what you are, and what you can grow into?

Here are three ways to calculate your tarot birth cards at the point where tarot and astrology meet.


 1. Your Sun Sign Card

This is simple. Choose the card that corresponds with your Sun sign.

Here are the popular Major Arcana correspondences to the 12 signs of the zodiac (There are other correspondences, but this is the one I go with, which is from the Golden Dawn system.):

  • Aries – The Emperor
  • Taurus – The Hierophant
  • Gemini – The Lovers
  • Cancer – The Chariot
  • Leo – Strength
  • Virgo – The Hermit
  • Libra – Justice
  • Scorpio – Death
  • Sagittarius – Temperance
  • Capricorn – The Devil
  • Aquarius – The Star
  • Pisces – The High Priestess

You could also choose the cards for your Ascendant and your Moon, and look at how the three cards interact with each other. (If you have two or more cards in the same sign, think of it as putting that card in bold – the emphasis is raised.)


2. The 2-Card Life Theme Method

I first read about this on Biddy Tarot (a great resource if you’re interested in exploring tarot further), and it is used to describe one of the prevailing themes underlying your life. It might be something to guide you; something you can use to transmute your experience; something that is asking you to embrace in order to work with it.

The life theme method also uses the Major Arcana only – the 22 Soul-based archetype cards in the tarot deck.


Break your birth date into DD + MM + YY + YY. For example, if you were born on 27 November 1984, you’re calculation would look like this:

Cards from the Rider-Waite Smith tarot deck, created by A E Waite and Pamela Colman Smith © US Games, Inc.

27 + 11 + 19 + 84

When you add them up, you get to 141.

The first card is the first two numbers plus the third, i.e. 14 + 1 = 15.

The second card is that final number added together, i.e. 1 + 5 = 6.

So your birth cards will be 15 and 6 – The Devil (card 15) and The Lovers (card 6). In this example, there couldn’t be a more mirrored pair, as you can see from the accompanying image.

What happens if you get a two-figure number? Let’s see.

8 April 1955:

8 + 4 + 19 + 55 = 86.

The first card is both of those numbers added together, i.e. 8 + 6 = 14.

The second card is 14 reduced to one number, i.e. 1 + 4 = 5.

So your birth cards would be 14 and 5 – Temperance (card 14) and The Hierophant (card 5).


3. Your Defining Personality Trait using Court Cards

According to the western esoteric tradition of Qabalah, each zodiac sign has a corresponding Court Card. This I would consider to be your dominant, or default, personality trait – and, again, one that you already know is there, one that is asking to be brought into balance, or one that you can learn to live into.

You may need to consult your birth chart to find the degree of your sun in your Sun sign, given that each card starts at 20 degrees of a sign, and ends at 20 degrees of the next sign.

  • 20 degrees Pisces – 20 degrees Aries – Queen of Wands
  • 20 degrees Aries – 20 degrees Taurus – King of Pentacles
  • 20 degrees Taurus – 20 degrees Gemini – Knight of Swords
  • 20 degrees Gemini – 20 degrees Cancer – Queen of Cups
  • 20 degrees Cancer – 20 degrees Leo – King of Wands
  • 20 degrees Leo – 20 degrees Virgo – Knight of Pentacles
  • 20 degrees Virgo – 20 degrees Libra – Queen of Swords
  • 20 degrees Libra – 20 degrees Scorpio – King of Cups
  • 20 degrees Scorpio – 20 degrees Sagittarius – Knight of Wands
  • 20 degrees Sagittarius – 20 degrees Capricorn – Queen of Pentacles
  • 20 degrees Capricorn – 20 degrees Aquarius – King of Swords
  • 20 degrees Aquarius – 20 degrees Pisces – Knight of Cups


Now you’ve hopefully got some new tarot tools in your tarot toolkit, you have the means for greater insight into what makes you tick.

How to interpret them, you say? Ahhh, well that’s for another article 🙂



Sarah is a Tarot reader and teacher, and writer. Her website: www.integratedtarot.com.



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