Rachel Chandhni

“An authentic medium can give you information that would otherwise be impossible to know.” ~Rachella

Before our reading, I will have already looked at you and know at least some of your questions.

In the session, I am able to work quickly and get solid Yes’s and No’s into just about any area of your of life. This can be in your business, work, career moves, home relocation, transitions, love & romance.

I keep myself in a high state of consciousness and typically get names, phrases, and am good with timing.

I use a pendulum. I channel. I read the Akashic Records.  My strong areas are career planning/transitions strategy, finding/attracting love, mediumship, and connecting with passed loved ones.

I utilize the Law of Attraction.  I find it to be an integral part of co-creating the life you want while reaching your highest potential.  This service is separate, and different than the Psychic Readings offered.

In short, I am a no non-sense down to earth Psychic Reader, teacher and facilitator.

I want to help you reach your highest potential as a human being.

I lived in a meditative ashram under the guidance of a living master; I like to pass what I’ve learned on to you.


I often give workshops:

•      On Law of Attraction

•      How to Meditate

•      Enhance Your Own Psychic Abilities.


Rachella Chandhni


Best Psychic Medium NYC

245 Park Ave

New York, New York 10016


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