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A great psychic reading offers meaningful reflections of your psyche’s inner nature, and personal experience.

Derek Calibre has designed a session to help you sort through life: to see opportunities, recognize talents, understand lovers, or confirm decisions.

He works with a signature collection of about 400 art-cards he’s gathered while traveling through the Americas, Asia and Europe. He calls it The Postcard Tarot because it acts like a traditional tarot deck, yet is highly relatable. In your private session, fourteen of these pictures will serve as a symbolic roadmap, or mirror, reflecting your past, present and future.

While each impression is to be taken symbolically, the modern nature and diversity of the deck allows for some of the images to illustrate your circumstances in a fairly literal way.

The parallels drawn between your current dynamics, and the images portrayed, can be stunning. As he looks into the cards, Derek interprets the meaning and direction of the stories he sees. You will have your own impressions, which are equally as relevant. Through a discussion of comparisons, potential paths become revealed.

Derek has been professionally entertaining clients with psychic visions since 2004 in New York, Tokyo and Honolulu. He was recently chosen as one of New York’s top ten psychics by TimeOut Magazine. Derek has been featured on CNN, NBC’S Psychic Hawaii, and Comcast where he wrote and hosted a show called Psychic Workshop. His fascinating book on psychic awareness is available at any online bookstore. It’s titled, Can You Turn It Off?: A Diary of Psychic Awakening.

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