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Alice Wells

Alice Wells is founder of One Breath Circle, a New York City based organization that offers classes, workshops and individual sessions dedicated to healing, personal growth and spiritual development. Alice brings more than thirty years of experience in working with the breath therapeutically and integratively with people seeking to live their full potential, as well as with those in crisis or pain. The offerings at One Breath Circle are dedicated to exploring the possibility of living an engaged, vital and conscious life, physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. We provide a safe, unconditional and compassionate space for healing, deep inquiry, and the exploration and manifestation of our gifts and capacities, using breath, movement, voice, mindfulness, and contemplative practices. Alice is committed to the alleviation of unnecessary suffering, and to supporting the emergence, creativity and reverence for our essential nature as love, wisdom and truth.

The science of breath as a healing practice is a newly developing field that is building on 2000 years of traditional breath practices. There is a broad spectrum of breath practices, from simple relaxation techniques, to neuro-regulation practices, to deeply transformative practices. Conscious Breath Practices work with a capacity we all possess, that is freely available to us; they are potent, natural, accessible, safe and effective. Conscious Breathing improves physical, emotional and mental health, and invites us into experiences of wholeness, wellbeing and connection.

Conscious Breath Practices are the most efficient and immediate pathway to shift out of a defensive condition of disconnection, activate the parasympathetic nervous system, and boost Oxytocin production, which supports experiences of safety, relaxation, connection and bonding. This shift, by way of breath, from chronic stress to a relaxed awareness can lower blood pressure, increase circulation, detoxify the body, boost the immune system, temper our response to physical and emotional stress, and naturally increase our levels of energy and creativity. As a transformative practice, breath can lead to vibrant health and well-being, revealing creativity, experiences of deep connection, belonging and love, and ultimately, freedom.

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