The True Nature of Time and Space

The mystery regarding the true nature of time and how it works has been around since mankind and his universe first appeared, apparently many millennia ago. Lots of theories on the subject have been put forward as time wore on, so to speak, the most popular being that it can be classed as another dimension, the 4th, I do believe. Yet it was only with the appearance of A Course in Miracles in the 1970s that the true and perfectly logical answer to the mystery of time was revealed.
Having said that, the truth has been known for many centuries via ancient scripts such as the Sanskrit Upanishads, but it is only in recent years that interest in these works beyond the few has started to surge. The Western World, I am so happy to note, is starting to catch up.
The answer is not a scientific explanation as such, and it takes much dwelling on the Courses words before the answer is reached, and yet it is there in perfect logic. Although to ‘get it’, we have to think outside the box, somewhat.
We are currently inhabiting an illusory world of separation, as opposed to the real world of Oneness, or Wholeness (Holiness). Oneness, by its very nature, cannot have an opposite. Otherwise it would not be true Oneness. So us in our apparently opposing existence in a world of seemingly endless separation, can only be experiencing an illusion.
In order to bring about the illusion/dream/idea of everything being separated instead of being wholly One, space between things was created in order to demonstrate that every being, object and element is parted, view-able and tangible as separate items.
This newly created space brought about a by-product we have named ‘time’.
Getting from A to B at any distance takes some illusory measure of time to do so. It is these measurements of time that we call our lives; our getting from A to B and what happens to us while we’re doing it. Our world is continually moving in opposition to the perfect stillness of our Source. This world is never the same from one second to the next. The bird has flown a few feet further through the air, and the fish has swum that bit further though the sea. All is in constant flux.
Time cannot exist without space and vice versa. In that way they are One, just as is everything else in the universe, when in its true state.
The Oneness of our Source is eternally whole, infinite, unlimited and unchanging, without beginning nor end. There are no gaps between things of any kind, thus there is no space and therefore there is no time. There aren’t even ‘things’. Our Source is nothing (no-thing) as opposed to the ‘thing’ world of separation. Our Source just Is.
As everything here must have a beginning and an end, as opposed to the eternity of our Source, all must eventually grow old or come to some kind of finish as we appear to move through measured time.
The folk in my night time dreams experience space between themselves and have the free will to appear to do just as they like. The folk, space and everything thing else in the dream is an illusion created unwittingly by me. Just as my experience of separation here is my unwitting dream within the ‘mind’ of the Source. In reality, just like the folk in my night time dreams are all me, me and everything around me is our Source in Truth.
So, in summing up, space is a device to bring about separation, and time is a by-product as it appears to take time for us to cross any measure of space. In the world of Oneness from which we originate and will one day return, all is One in Perfect Love. No space or time separates us. In fact, there is no more ‘us’. ‘Us’ is what we are here in this miracle of a dream. Home, we are but One.


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Being interested in all forms of the creative arts, Steven Dean is a traveler, musician, artist, actor and writer based in Dallas, Texas. With an inherent interest in philosophy and a great liking for other people, he began his quest for an understanding of our existence early on in life, culminating in his being introduced to A Course in Miracles in 2010. Devoting his life thenceforth to spreading the Course's vital message, he began teaching its Truth via Facebook and YouTube in January 2015.


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