A Course in Miracles: The Truth ~ A Summary…

It is my understanding that when we ‘die’ the body goes back to nature as they are both part of the material illusion. We ourselves are of a spiritual nature and return home on our being re-absorbed back into the Oneness of the Source from which we originated.
Our brains are not actually ‘us’ at all. They are utilized by the spirit in much the same way that we are using our computers right now. The computer isn’t actually part of us, but it is enabling us to communicate. Our bodies, in turn, are not actually part of us, but are needed to navigate through the illusory notion of everything being separated into countless beings, objects and elements, that we are currently inhabiting – and mistakenly believing to be ‘real’.
As we are born out of the illusion (not ‘into’ – think about it) with no guidance whatsoever beyond those who are already trapped within it, taking it to be ‘real’ – and the one and only ‘real’ there is – is an easy thing to do.
Not so easy to undo, but not by any means impossible. Our big problem is that back in the mists of long-passed time we have somehow forgotten what we truly are. However, at long last our reawakening to our True nature is now in motion and well under way.
Bodies are not needed in the spiritual Oneness of Reality. By Oneness, I mean simply that. Nothing is separated. All is whole, complete, eternal, infinite, unlimited and unchanging. The perfect opposites of a perfect separation – beginnings and endings, good and evil, birth and death, day and night, left and right, up and down, black and white, etc etc, only exist here within this experience.
Oneness, being eternal, has no beginnings or endings or opposites of any kind. No opposites = no conflict. All is one and one is all. I know it is not an easy notion to grasp fully at first, but that’s because the mainstream thinking of the world is so opposite to the Truth, as one would expect in a world like this. One of chaos, as opposed to Reality’s total peace.
Spiritual and unseen, peace, joy and happiness are enveloped within the Oneness of the Source. Perfect Love, its total Truth currently beyond our understanding, is the only Reality.
Having said that though, God, or the Source’s, world of Oneness is detectable here even though it is unseen. That of His world cannot be given away, whereas earthly things can. For example; if I give a person my hat, I no longer have a hat. In fact, if I give away anything from the material world it is no longer in my possession. But if I give a person Love, Joy and Happiness, all extensions of the unseen Oneness, I not only still have them myself, they are multiplied many times over. This is because in the unseen world of Oneness, everything is one and giving is the same as receiving, just as having is the same as being. In the world of Reality, there is no lack at all.
Our way out is forgiveness in the form of recognizing that we are all inhabiting what amounts to no more than a chaotic nightmare and that nobody has actually done anything or committed any crime whatsoever.
The Truth really does set you free. A nightmare is only a nightmare until the dreamer awakens.


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Being interested in all forms of the creative arts, Steven Dean is a traveler, musician, artist, actor and writer based in Dallas, Texas. With an inherent interest in philosophy and a great liking for other people, he began his quest for an understanding of our existence early on in life, culminating in his being introduced to A Course in Miracles in 2010. Devoting his life thenceforth to spreading the Course's vital message, he began teaching its Truth via Facebook and YouTube in January 2015.

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