7 Mystical Plants to Raise Energies in your Home


I woke up to a rainy morning at my grandma’s house. I lived there since I was nine and spent almost seven years there. One of the memories I have is being a teacher to those plants. I am not sure what I taught them but they were good students. Who doesn’t like thoughtful yet energetic class? Whenever I go there, one of the bliss I feel is sipping my morning cup of tea in front of my garden.

The slender Ashoka trees form the boundary and the beautiful curtain creeper covers the wall just behind them. The potted plants form a row in front of the flower/herb bed and the guava tree stands in the right corner. The elegant roses, energetic sunflowers, colorful chrysanthemum and chic lilies bloom just left to the entrance. The herbs section has the hibiscus, lemongrass, mint, curry leaves and aloevera. Ah, the gratification I get just by viewing my garden is inexplicable. The tweeting birds and running squirrels are a plus. Rains add to the beauty.


Settling in city has its own drawbacks. Gardens shrink to just an array of few pots. At times, it is difficult to decide what to plant and what not to. Plants are the essence of Mother Nature. Each plant has its own power. Let us explore which plants can help in promoting positive energy around us and can be grown easily even while living in the concrete city.

Aloe: Aloe can survive in the toughest of conditions. It is a healer. Apart from moisturizing body (Cleopatra did that too!), treating sunburns and relieving arthritis pain, aloe has been widely used in many culture’s spiritual practices.  There are some Rastafarian healers who use only Aloe to cure all the diseases of the body, even cancer. Well, cannot claim about that but the mystical properties of aloe are wondrous. Presence of aloe in your house brings protection.

My grandma had her knee operation and she ate it raw after peeling it. She got healed in no time. You can also consume it as a juice – mixing it with half cup of warm water.

Basil: Basil is considered holy in India. Anything which holds spiritual energy is holy here. It brings luck and wealth to the house. If the basil plant doesn’t flourish in your house after repeated efforts and care, it is an indication of lots of negative energies present there from a very long time due to some misfortune or a curse. If it is a rented house, change the place. If it is your own home, cleanse the space in accordance with your spiritual/religious beliefs.

As an herb, basil is anti-depressant and anti-bacterial. Put few leaves in water; boil it till the water becomes light green. Add your tea leaves. You can also eat 3-4 basil leaves every morning. Tasty and healthy.

Vetiver:  It cleanses one’s aura; gives protection against negativity of all kinds. It is primarily used as an essential oil. If you cannot grow it as an herb, keep the essential oil with you. Its power can be understood from the fact that it helps in healing age-old traumas stored in subconscious. Some cultures use its fibers in weaving a sleeping mat. The aroma not only helps in relaxing sleep but also keeps the bugs and rats away. Since we are not in the habit of sleeping on floors, I would suggest making it a curtain for your window.

Bamboo: Bamboo brings comfort in a home. It brightens up your space energetically. People in everyday contact with bamboo experience strength and a boost in their creative expression. It repels envious feelings. It helps in letting go of past burdens and increase in your self-worth as your energy is cleared. It heals depression and brings joy. It purifies the air which has a scientific backing too.

Mint: Mint is not just a culinary herb but it is said to resist bad vibes from other people and helps if you are suffering with insomnia. Just smelling the fresh aroma of mint calms your nerves. It is said to revive our hopes. It is very beneficial if you are going through a grieving process of loss of loved one. Rub leaves on forehead for relieving headaches, drink mint tea for digestion, cold ailments and spiritual benefit too. You can also add dried mint leaves in buttermilk.

Jasmine: Jasmine would need more space than just a flower pot. It forms a beautiful arcade around your entry gate or a curtain on your wall. The heavy fragrance is an instant mood enhancer. Jasmine intensify love among couples. It also evokes inner peace and purity. You can keep a bouquet in the bedroom or plant it near the bedroom window.

Thyme: Thyme fights with the negative energy around you; helps with nightmares and grow your money. Most importantly, Thyme is a good plant for bees as it gives them nourishing pollen. So, if you are planting thyme, you are helping bees which in turn are the reason that we exist. Burning thyme cleanse the room, brings health and vigor to the house. It repels insects too. Keep it inside the pillow for countering nightmares. You can use it in your dishes but use it sparingly.

Herbs have magical properties. Ancient people were closer to nature and hence were aware of the benefits. Many spiritualists – Wiccans, Pagans, Magicians – today too, know how to use them in the perfect way and that is how they become a wonderful healers. It is important to understand that it doesn’t work by planting these plants in a decorative pot and forgetting about it. They are living beings. You have to invest your positive energies by caring, tending and loving them. That’s when they will bloom and bestow their mystic powers.

May we always live in the abundance of the mystical energies of plants!

Top photo by Lena Bell


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