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“Enlightened Urban Living” is what we are all about.

Enlightened Urban Living suggests the practice of living above the sometimes chaotic and overwhelming life of the city. It’s a thoughtful approach to lifestyle, drawing upon the inherent characteristics of the urban landscape as resources to improve one’s quality of life. Some people tend to characterize city life as crowded, intimidating, and even claustrophobic. However, enlightened urban dwellers draw energy and inspiration from the wealth of creativity, perspectives, and energy that pulses through their surroundings. They also have figured out how to recognize “the big picture”–looking past the minute details that can otherwise encumber others.

For more than 30 years New York Spirit has fostered the exchange of ideas for those on this path. Our goal is to continue to build upon this tapestry of unique perspectives, connecting individuals in their quest for enlightened living. All of the services, performances, events, and philosophies showcased in the Spirit work organically to provide our readers with access to this network of resources within their community.

We welcome submissions from all members of our Enlightened Urban Community.

If you offer an interesting, authoritative perspective–be it on yoga, integrative medicine, sex & relationships, food, travel, or spirituality–we would love to hear from you!

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