Embrace Your Sensuality Yoga Sequence


Our society is a lot more sexually repressed than the “sex sells” slogan adopted by the advertising and entertainment industry would have us believe. When our sexuality is repressed, our creativity is subsequently limited. That’s because both sexuality and creativity are ruled by the sacral chakra, the chakra near the genitals. When we are ashamed of our bodies, we will also become less confident in the art that we can create. We’d never think that we can draw a picture or write that book. If you choose to believe those illusions, then chances are that it stems from sexuality that was repressed since childhood.

Creativity is a lot deeper than sex, however. Creativity is closer with sensuality, as the sacral chakra enjoys pleasure. And really, when was the last time we truly enjoyed something? For example, the sacral chakra rules taste. When was the last time you mindfully ate your food? Or are we eating and doing something else, like going somewhere or working on a deadline? No, we didn’t enjoy the seasonings and herbs in our meal because we were too busy rushing out the door with a microwaved Hot Pocket in hand.

I’m here to contradict everything you were told to believe. We were born sensual beings, and family and society taught us that this was bad, so we hid away a very important part of ourselves. We hid our creative potential. Mass repression was a genocide of our creativity, expression and joy.

The fact that you have a body means that you deserve to feel good within your body. This is why I created this yoga sequence so you can mindfully be present in your body. You can do this sequence before a date or before working on a creative project. When you feel good in your body, confidence will pour into everything you do. Whether you need that confidence for bed or for art, it’s up to you!

Position 1: Bridge pose

This is a seemingly easy position to start this sequence with but that’s to make you more alert, not lazy. This pose is meant to train you in body awareness. Laying on your back, raise your hips off the ground, with arms straight down your sides. Now, do a body scan. Where is your body tight? Look for squeezed butt muscles and tight hips. Relax these body parts. Lift your hips higher, being careful not to clench any muscles.

Position 2: Reclined Pigeon (Left side/ Right side)

Hold the left knee to your chest with both hands, cross your right ankle over the knee, then stretch. By pushing your right leg away from you, pull in the left knee for a deeper stretch. Don’t forget to do this on the other side. You can hold these poses as long as comfortable for you but for this pose, keep the time the same for both sides. This pose is great for the hips, one of the places that gets tight first from sexual repression.

Position 3: Plow Pose

Laying flat on your back, lift and raise your legs up and over. The goal is for your feet to touch the floor above your head. This may be an advanced pose for many people so you can substitute this pose for the Candle pose (back on the floor with legs straight up in the air being braced by your hands on your hips). If you are a woman on your menstrual cycle, please leave this pose out of the sequence as inversions are not good for that time of the month.

Position 4: Happy Baby Pose

This pose is the personification of a balanced sacral chakra as the chakra is all about joy and freedom. On your back, raise legs, hook your fingers to your big toes and pull your knees down on either side of your body. You are now a happy baby. Take your time in this pose. Acknowledge any feelings of “vulgarity” that may creep into your thoughts from having your legs splayed wide open. Breathe into your hips instead, aiding in increased range of motion.
We come into this world as sensual beings, so enjoy this nostalgic pose. Remember what it was like before you were judged…and more importantly, before you judged yourself.

Position 5: Garland Pose

This pose is done crouched on your feet, your elbows pushing your knees open. For this pose, I really want you to channel your inner Lil Kim who made this pose iconic and inspired many other female emcees to do the same pose.
While in this position, focus on strengthening the pelvic floor by tightening the muscles that you use to stop the flow of urine.

BONUS: Crow’s Pose

The sacral chakra is all about fun so you can choose to do this pose when in the Garland pose. If you fall out of this pose or can’t stay in it long, don’t be hard on yourself. The sacral chakra is blocked by feelings of inadequacy, shame and guilt. No matter where you start off, monitor your progress with this move. As you see that you hold the position longer, your confidence will grow.

I hope that this yoga sequence empowered you to embrace the creative soul that you are. A balanced makes you comfortable in your skin. Working on this chakra will cause you to shed a lot of false beliefs about yourself, like holding guilt and shame, but this is dead skin that makes way for the authentic version of yourself. Just like a snake sheds its skin, the release of the old does not change anything about who the snake really is.


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Shae-Ase is a tarot reader specializing in shadow work. The journey of her shadow work has caused her to delve into many related studies, such as astrology, numerology, automatic writing, psychology, chakra therapy and dream analysis. She is unlike many tarot readers as Shae-Ase doesn't pride herself in telling the future, but helping her clients bring light to the shadows of their psyches to create an even better future than imagined.

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