3 Steps to Fuel Your Body for Optimal Health


I’m known as The Reinvention Warrior as I’ve reinvented my life more times than I can count. I’ve recreated myself in health, career, relationships and spiritual life, yet, I’ve learned that in order to reinvent any area of your life– it’s best to start with your nutrition. It’s extremely important to fuel your body (and thus your transformation) with the right food for you.

As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Life Reinvention Expert, I fight for my clients to create their best life. I believe that in this day and age, if you don’t reinvent yourself you may never find balance, peace and the sustainable life that is your birthright. So, if reinventing your health is the first step, where do you start? Here are 3 ways to reinvent your nutrition today:

1.Drink a healthy, nutrient-dense smoothie every day.

An important component of health is maintain blood sugar balance. Yet, in our modern world it can be difficult to eat as much and as often as our body needs so we don’t crash. That’s where smoothies come in. By blending lots of protein, fiber and other nutrients you support your body to feel full and balanced for several hours. Plus, smoothies are easily digested as the blender has done the work for your body. If you have any hiccups with your digestion, this is a huge perk.

Smoothies can be a great source of protein, superfoods, fats and fiber, but not all smoothie recipes are the same. Going to your local smoothie shop may not be healthy- you have to look at what’s inside. This is why I recommend making your smoothies at home. You can control the ingredients and you know that you’re getting a high-quality, low- glycemic (low sugar) drink filled with organic, whole fruits, vegetables and greens. I make a large smoothie (16 oz at least, usually) each day around mid-morning and I’m often not hungry again until late afternoon.

2. Drink fresh celery juice each morning.

I recently discovered the powerful impacts of drinking fresh celery juice each morning on an empty stomach and my gut is healthier than it’s ever been. After drinking the celery juice each morning on an empty stomach for 5 days I saw a big difference in how I felt and many of my symptoms (gas, bloating, discomfort) lessened or were completely gone. Now I’m hooked and this daily celery juice ritual is a key part of my wellness plan.

3. Try an anti-inflammatory diet.

According to Dr. Andrew Weil “It is becoming increasingly clear that chronic inflammation is the root cause of many serious illnesses – including heart disease, many cancers, and Alzheimer’s disease.” I couldn’t agree more and find that many of my clients with health challenges have one thing in common – inflammation. Introducing an anti-inflammatory approach to your way of eating is a step in the right direction.

Here are some general anti-inflammatory diet tips:

  1. Aim for variety.
  2. Include as much fresh food as possible.
  3. Minimize your consumption of processed foods and fast food.
  4. Eat an abundance of fruits and vegetables.

A note about going Grain-Free or Paleo

An anti-inflammatory diet is a great start and may be all you need to do for your body to achieve optimal health. If you’re like me, you may need to go a step further and try a grain-free or Paleo approach to eating.

Each of the steps above are baby steps, yet big changes, toward a better diet and reinventing your nutrition. Take each step one at a time and incorporate them into your life in a way that works for you. Remember that you know what is best for your health and your life and it’s not a race. Yet, if you’re ready to feel better, these steps will start you down the right path.


About Author

Angela Watson Robertson, MBA, CIHC, INHC, is known as The Reinvention Warrior, host of Masters of Reinvention, and creator of the life-changing program, Fatigue Warrior. Not only has Angela completely reinvented her own life, she has created simple, effective tools to help others transform every area of their lives- from health, career and money to relationships, spirituality and sex. Find her free wellness tips, course and programs at www.angelawatsonrobertson.com. Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter.

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