The advertisers and the readers of New York Spirit are members of a large extended family. It has been that way since 1979 when Lex Hixon and his friends published the first issue of FREE SPIRIT. We live together here in the Greater New York City area, sharing the same streets, subways and buses, parks and museums, newspapers, radio stations and languages. This family seeks truth, inner growth, and a personal and social harmony–in two words, authentic transformation.

Since we began, we have been presenting a wider and wider spectrum of possibilities, linking all of us consciously into a tapestry of energy for personal, mutual and social transformation.What we have here together is not simply a journal or a magazine, but a living, breathing network of awakened and awakening human beings.

New York Spirit does not make judgements about the groups and individuals listed here and allows each approach or method to speak for itself, to create its own energy on the page. There is the opportunity for each person to respond directly, intuitively, discerningly. We are drawn to the right practice for our own temperament and level of development by a mixture of critical intelligence and mysterious attraction.

The increasing variety and depth of New York Spirit stretches our perception, understanding and sympathy. This is at once an experiment in creating cultural and personal history and a tool for understanding what has occurred and is occurring in our culture and our personal lives today – this longing for authentic transformation.


We welcome submissions from all members of our Enlightened Urban Community.  If you offer an interesting, authoritative perspective–be it on yoga, integrative medicine, sex & relationships, food, travel, or spirituality–we would love to hear from you! Here’s how.



New York Spirit does not warrant any of the services or products advertised in this magazine. We do, however, encourage the highest possible practice of conscious business. Feedback from our readers, both positive and negative, can aid us in this process.

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