Clutter & Your Life

It seems right now is the universal reset button in our world for new beginnings and fresh starts doesn’t it?  Not wanting to hire a coach or sign up for an expensive life make over?  Then keep reading, take charge of your own life, and get ready to do your own do over. Look around […]


How to Use a Mala

A mala is a string of beads, used to chant the names of God. It’s the same thing as prayer beads, or a rosary. A Hindu mala typically has either 108 beads (108 being considered a sacred number in Hinduism) or 27 beads (which is one-fourth of 108). In addition to the 108 or 27 […]


Temples of the Warriors of the Sacred

“Let the venom be the antidote” – Sufi Poet Rumi Namaste dear Warrior—how are you? We shared so much around health together last article, I am just wondering how you are currently feeling? Are you vibrant or depleted? Energized or overwhelmed? Excited or anxious? There are so many variables in our modern lives that can […]

Pumpkin Lemongrass Soup

Pumpkin Lemongrass Soup

Winter came early this year, and its cold, everywhere. Freezing. It feels almost unbearably cold at times, doesn’t it? As the winter chill closes in, and after any venture out in the city, wrapped with every layer imaginable, it’s particularly comforting to return home knowing that there is a warm bowl of nourishing soup waiting […]


The Egg

You were on your way home when you died.  It was a car accident. Nothing particularly remarkable, but fatal nonetheless. You left behind a wife and two children. It was a painless death. The EMT’s tried their best to save you, but to no avail. Your body was so utterly shattered you were better off, […]


The Yoga of Listening

To truly listen is to lean in, softly, with the willingness to be changed by what we hear. — Mark Nepo We are surrounded by noise. Nowhere is this more evident to me than in my triweekly commute through Times Square Station. The sound of screeching and speeding trains layer over conversations— transactions at the […]

The Place Where Science and Spirituality Become One

“It’s significant that Yogananda’s first speech in America was called ‘The Science of Religion,’” says author Philip Goldberg in the new documentary film Awake: The Life of Yogananda. Goldberg’s book, American Veda, documents how Indian spirituality changed the West, and he dedicates an entire chapter to Paramahansa Yogananda, the Hindu Swami who arrived on American […]

Higher Brain Living®

Flipping the Switch From the OverUsed and Stressed-Out Lower Brain To the Seat of Joy, Empowerment and Stress-Free Living, The Higher Brain You’ve no doubt heard it said that we use only 5% of the potential of our brains. And what we do use is predominantly the primitive survival or Lower Brain, the one that […]

When Forgiveness Takes Root

“The magic didn’t happen to him. The magic happened to me.” Amazingly, these were the words of abuse victim Ben Bosinger after letting go of years of resentment toward his father. So what happened? One day, fed up with pain he’d been carrying around for so long, he paid a visit to his dad. The […]


Perceptions of the Mind

To facilitate the exploration of the mind it is helpful to understand the various levels of reality, to examine the perceptual fields that different beings have, to see what different realities look like. It is well known that motivation affects our perceptions. We don’t necessarily see things as they are we see them as we […]